[burden of black men] wisemath’s tweets

[ed. note: i happened to be on twitter at the right time to catch a series of tweets from one of my most fave writers and peoples. while not a direct fit to what the original series question was asking.. something about it made me need to share. so i am. it's my blog, i can do what i want to. what i loved was that it was a call to challenge not only the system so many seek to be accepted by, but a call to challenge how we view and treat each other. the burdens we face as black folk aren't only imposed by 'others' - there's a LOT of hurt/damage done to us/by us. no one group has no in-fighting - but we CAN do better. because we KNOW better. or at least should.] 

here’s are wise math’s tweets.

You can find Wisemath all over the interwebs. Or follow him here. and here.

blog procrastination and action plans

soo.. back in april, i took my second blog challenge.

it was great because it’s given me greater push to take the art (and science and math and chemistry) of blogging more seriously, to consider myself a blogger (still weird) and give it the love and attention it deserves!

it’s been a couple of  few months and there were some tasks i promised i would do. so let’s go back and see what’s been accomplished around these parts since then.

*pops the hood*

  • Increase Pinterest to 100 by end of May. 200 by end of year (as of Oct 15 = 103). I’m not even quite sure why this was important to me. 
  • Increase blog to 100 by end of summer. 175 by end of year (as of Oct 15 = 179). this encourages me to keep going. especially again since people’s blog reading habits have changed in 3 years. 
  • Research blog conference. – pending. i missed a local one, and 3 others on my radar
  • Biz cards for the social stuff. –  pending. hi moo.com
  • 5 guest posts (on other sites) – does blavity.com count? 
  • 5 guest posts on mine – nope. and i should change that for 2015
  • 100 views each blog post day. – it depends on the post and how much i promote it. thankfully hootsuite lets you schedule tweets/fb posts and i’ve also figured out that twitter=day, facebook=night. 

looking back at #blogging201 here are specific goals:

day 1

  • post at least twice a week (new or archived posts) for april, may and june. – check
    find a new blog reeder – nope
  • follow 10 blogs via wordpress – yep
  • create a blogroll with at least 10 blogs by july. – OR NAH
    buy a domain – yep! and mapped it myself!
  • find a theme with fonts i like and reconsider the name of the blog by september. (sept is my original blog-anniversary) – this free theme works for now, i like the font and im keeping the name

day 2

sure, for most (like myself), it’s not a springboard to other things (i’m not looking to get paid for my writings any time ever) – oop. spoke too soon. i have some ideas brewing…

day 5

sketch out an editorial calendar – oops. although with my new writing gig, there are tools like co-promote that i guess i should learn sooner than later…

day 6

integrate features to draw traffic to your older content, including widgets, related posts, and a “Best of” page. –  i opted not to do this. i’d rather keep things crisp and clean. you can always see what are the most viewed posts by clicking the pink icon on the main page

best ofday 7

i do plan on having events and cooking posts in the future. my knowledge on events and food – will be a valuable asset and i think will lead to an increase of followers on both. – i decided not to blend business with pleasure. event planning, while valuable, is a niche market and different audience. same with cooking/food posts. that requires patience in tracking each part of the cooking process, a REALLY good camera and did i mention patience? so i decided against them both. guess i should delete those categories eh? 

day 9

create a page or section on your blog to display links to your online presence elsewhere, and make sure your other presences reflect the brand you’re developing on your blog. – hmm.. right now, my presence is a couple of blogs my friends asked me to post on, Blavity and SF Journal (that used a Blavity post). i guess to some, it will lend credence to how good others may see me. im still torn on how it may look. so for the time being – i vote no again. 

day 10

the blogroll widget and i never got along. then someone in the commons steered me right and i’ll be adding that in the upcoming weeks. – welp. if im honest – i don’t read many blogs anymore. and its terrible to admit that because i have a hope and expectation to BE read. i’m good at archiving for later, promoting and rooting for folks. not to mention people be adding podcasts. sigh. not. enough. time. 

day 11

i also have a really awesome e-peep i’ve known since the beginning of time (and my foray to writing online almost a decade ago..*faints) who i’m chatting with about collaborating as well. – oops. *pages Stan of Few Words…

in light of my recent quittage and in preparation of a new one, what i was told is an emotional challenge – i’d say all in all, NaWoT is heading in the right direction. 

forward and up. 

come along and ride on the fantastic voyage!


what’s your word? why do you come here? what do you like reading? what should i do more or less of? 


35 for 35: a birthday retrospect & bucket list

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.23.07 AM

so i turned 35 a few weeks months ago.

*throws hat*

and it’s funny, that in the same week – i found my first grey hair. i yanked it out and examined it. it was my first time seeing grey hair up close. it was fascinating. i don’t know why i was so curious. maybe because as a woman, i’m supposed to have a fear of them. it’s a stark-white reminder that i am getting older.

funny thing is – i don’t feel anything in that regards.

it’s taken a lot for me to get to this point/age. all my life i’ve had to fight – and im still standing…i’m still strong. how did i get here? nobody supposed to be here? (sorry..i’ll quit with the song/movie lyrics).

am i where i expected to be? nope. am i where i want to be? nope. but am i working on it every single day? (when i have the energy) – yes.

there are a lot of things that i still need and still want to accomplish – and God (and bank account) willing, i’ll be able to do them. so as an ode to the awesome ESPN series (please don’t sue me Disney) – here’s my PG-rated bucket list for the next half of my life.

  1. get my license and go on a road trip
  2. pay off my student loans
  3. refresh my french
  4. go to paris. and sing ni**as in paris while in paris
  5. eat italian pasta and drink italian wine in italy
  6. visit the parentals homeland
  7. fall in love. and stay there.
  8. get a tattoo. (this is big for me..trust me)
  9. attend a blog conference
  10. launch the business website
  11. get published in some way shape or form for anything that i’ve written
  12. get event management certificate
  13. get my CMP designation
  14. study business/retail course
  15. find a beer i like
  16. make peace with those that have hurt me
  17. find a hairstyle that is simple, easy, makes me feel cute and less of a fraud
  18. go to an NCAA college football game
  19. go to more NFL games
  20. plan an NFL-related event in some shape
  21. lose 50 lbs
  22. participate in a charitable walk/marathon
  23. be elected to a board of directors for a non-profit
  24. buy a piece of art
  25. get a flat screen tv
  26. treat myself to a super extravagant purchase
  27. ride a vespa
  28. master cooking oxtail (spoiler: i made my 1st attempt for thanksgiving..might make it by age 36
  29. play mas in caribana
  30. mardi gras and let the good times roll in new orleans
  31. take a wine class
  32. go salsa dancing, and eat salsa in spain (i like to be ironic)
  33. do a drastic makeover type of thing (big chop, lasik surgery)
  34. retreat from the world for 48 hours
  35. live with no regrets

(ok.. the last one is cheating..but oh well!).

so there’s my mini-bucket list! check back in august 2015 to see what i’ve crossed off!


what’s your word? do you have a bucket list? anything on it you want to share?