[feel good friday] tell me something good

*this didn’t post last friday due to technical difficulties at work* walp.

it’s been a couple of weeks since i’ve posted a FGF post.

why? because despite still going strong with #100HappyDays…i feel like there’s been a lack of something good to write home about.

sometimes, despite your blessings – all you can see the mud, the dark clouds and terrible driving conditions when it rains. you forget all the good it does – making the grass green. cleaning the earth.

i write this on monday – hoping that there will be some somethings good to add to this post. if there’s an ed. note below – that means it did!

here are my somethings:

a very talented cartoonist/graphic designer drew me. he turned me into jessica rabbit!!! (the black version of course). and i love it. the original amy juicebox icon was from the internet and likely would’ve gotten me into trouble if i ended up in the wrong hands. so it’s nice to have something originally done for me, of me! there may be a new one coming though. (i mean.. where’s the juicebox?).

so that spurred me into action. since networking myself as a writer type of person, i went to moo.com to create some blog biz cards. something fun that i could leave behind at blog and appropriate events. moo is so fun (and user-friendly) and i can’t wait til i place that order and they are in my hands! a physical manifestation of this thing i didn’t even want to start in the first place.

i also created a blog specific email address to make me feel a little more real. so send me emails to amy@nowawordortwo.com! eeeeee!!!!!!!

a new acquaintance is looking for an event planner. and while my credentials are legit – i have no website. i know. shameful. i could try to build an ok one on wordpress – but im a FIRM believer in paying people who do things for a living. website builder is not in my bio. why not find/use someone that does? i started it before i got pregnant, and well.. life got reshuffled.

attending a recent women networking brunch, put some fire into me. my awesome portfolio of work and volunteer events SHOULD be showcased. only i can tell my own story. so the rebuilding of the brand (logo and website landing page) begins. it’s not going to happen over night. but the point is – it will happen.

finally, i was able to conduct my first interview for a post. i was REALLY nervous and anxious and am really grateful to the blavity squad for their advice and support. im really excited to transcribe the nearly 2 hours of conversation and eventually share with the world the voice of someone that has been talked ABOUT, but not talked TO.

hmm.. maybe there are more something good than i realized.

i should do this more often.


what’s your word? it’s friday night. and i feel alrite. what’s good with you my peoples? tell me something good!


im tired.
im tired of being tired.
im tired of working to never get ahead.
im tired of daydreaming knowing they are just that.
im tired of doing more and getting less.
im tired of the setbacks.
im tired of the verbal or written beatdowns.
im tired of the silence and distance.
im tired of the clutter and the mess.
im tired of the guilt.
im tired of the to-do list that never seems to get shorter.
im tired of never being enough.
im tired of being alone.
im tired of having to be strong 24/7/365.
im tired of being lonely.
im tired of wanting something with no relief in sight.
im tired of being trapped.
im tired of writing being my only escape.
im tired of there being no light at the end of the tunnel.
im tired of the lip service.
im tired of the cliches.
im tired of my friends not being my friends.
im tired of the broken promises and broken hearts.
im tired of counting nickles, dimes and pennies.
im tired of not being able to get to where i want to be.
im tired of just barely everything.
im tired of being behind.
i’m tired.
im tired of being tired.

[burden of a black man] dwight’s story

ed. note: similar to last week, this week’s story reminds me of the responsibility we have to ourselves as a group/community to make sure our sons grow up to be black men with less burdens. 

here is dwight’s story

I was thinking on how to write this post. On Friday I had to take the bus.. As I was looking for a body shop to get my truck fixed. Anyway this young man came on the bus & sat down, there was a space in between us & he kept looking over my way. He had on a button up & a black tie in his hand. After 4 mins of the bus ride he looked at me & asked if I could tie his tie… I paused.

When I was 27 I was in the elevator with a female friend & a male came in to the elevator & I had on a fresh suit. Any1 who knows me back in the day I wore suits with open shirts cuz I couldn’t tie a tie. Any way this male was in the elevator & I asked him if he could help me tie my tie. & he did. It never clicked in my head at that time how deep the man hood code is… It’s bigger then being a father or a brother or a uncle.

A man who didn’t know now me on a Sunday morning said cool this is how u tie a tie. I have sons & I am hype to teach my sons how to tie a tie but bigger then that I’m a man who is always happy to help a man no matter what race, cuz the code goes deeper then race.

To the young man on the bus I took his tie with a screw face & I put it around my neck & tied it for him.

My point to all this is simple few are called & even less respond!!! Learn to stretch ur self & bless others.