[feel good friday] tell me something good

 oh friday. how i love thee. let me count the ways!

it’s been a good week. i started my #100happydays and it’s been fun trying to find something that has made me laugh, smile or feel happy each day. even on the hard days. it’s making hard moments easier to get through. slowly but surely. 

it’s been simple things: a discounted coffee. a surprise $50 cheque. my team coming from behind and winning. getting my nails did. these aren’t big things..but they add up.

and per one of my somethings good last week – i had a coffee date. he’s not quite my type, but he was a gentleman, and brought me treats. little gestures can go a long way. i have more hope for the process than i’ve had in a very long time. very very very long time. 

my best something good to share is the news that not only will i finally be getting a bed – but it’s going to be free! i gave up my bedroom (and therefore my bed) when the offspring turned 6-8 months. he’ll be two (!!!) next week – so that should tell you how long it’s been since i’ve had a bed of my own to sleep on. it’s been hard mentally and physically. it’s been beyond time. and despite the windfall that just blessed my account – the fact that i don’t have to pay for it – means i can do other things that i’ve needed and wanted to do for so long but put on the backburner for the sake of being a responsible mom. 

so im heading into backyardigans birthday weekend – feeling sexy. feeling lucky. feeling happy.

feeling blessed. 


what’s your word? tell me something good today! it’s FRRRRRRIDAY!!! 

[burden of a black man] till’s story


ed note: the title of today’s post seems…not congruent with the words written/presented. it’s more a message of hope than we’ve seen in earlier instalments. which we need to read. even if it’s just 1 day out of the 365. he wrote this for me last september when i had the idea to make it a blog series. he gave me permission to post as is – as his words/thoughts remain the same with a small addition at the end. 

here are till’s words

I don’t consider being Black a burden. It is a responsibility that’s a little different than just being a man.

There are things, scenarios, experiences that we must deal with in a different manner than anyone else.

Being a black man is like constantly being in someone’s museum exhibit. Depending on that person’s perception, you’re either a symbol of something horrible or a spectacle that can be profited off. To quote Shawn Carter, “It’s just different.”

As much as you may want to protect your son(s), he will develop his inner sense of pride and may have moments where he feels invincible. I know that there are times where I notice I walk with an air of nobility for no other reason but being Black and elegant.

It really is tough to explain, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, any life, no matter how society treats me.

I hope that today is not the day my life is deemed worthless by someone else. After while, I push that thought to the back of my mind and try to live with my head up so others can see it’s okay to be proud.

-the till show. you can find more of his words on his blog here. definitely worth getting into. 

[feel good friday] tell me something good

2014. the year that can kick all of the rocks and have all of the seats.

there’s been so much heavy, oppressive, depressing, negative news this year. more than ever before it seems. maybe that’s just us having unprecedented levels of access to information. or maybe us just paying more attention because it’s not just across an ocean or across a border. 

so the other day, i posted on my facebook – that i needed some good news. any news. big or small. something to make me smile. to make me laugh. to make me happy that i live. 

it was like an instant happy pill. i was overjoyed by the small feats and larger triumphs. and it seemed to work well for others as well. 

i’ve been seeing a lot of ‘happy’ challenges floating around all my social networks. from the no-complaint challenge, gratitude challenge to #100daysofhappy. maybe we are all looking for something to remind us that life isn’t all bad. to try and make the positive (as small as it may be) outweigh, outshine and outlast the negative. 


so i’m going to try the 100 days of happy. there has to be 1 thing a day that makes me happy. maybe i’ll start living my life differently to make it so. maybe like i’ve been encouraged by the great Cheekola, i can inspire someone else. maybe i’ll scale it back to 30 days of happy for now. LOL. i kid. i’ll aim for the 100 days. 

so.. it’s friday. we made it to the end of the week. i’m launching another blog post series in the words of the great Chaka:

i’ll aim to post this every friday – a space where people can share their good news and lil piece of sunshine. let’s shake off the blues and have an electronic dance party.

i’ll kick it off with my top 3 somethings from the week:

  • i’ve been writing: i write here. i write there. and my random non-blog worthy thoughts get written over yonder. writing makes me happy. deadlines are stressful, but it’s a good challenge. it’s like being in school all over again. without the student loans.
  • my offspring’s upcoming birthday. WHAT IS TIME? HOW IS HE TURNING TWO? life is bizarre. im excited for his low-key party because it’s one of the last years that i’ll be more excited than he is. and that i can ask for clothes as gifts. HA.
  • im putting myself out there. dating as a single mom isn’t easy – but like i wrote recently, if i don’t apply for the  job – i won’t get it. soo… i’m trying a ting. we’ll see how it goes…

so that’s it. i think. 

tell me something good.